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Car Insurance

In order to properly protect you and your loved ones from the ever-present dangers on the road, it is imperative to have the right auto insurance coverage. Car insurance serves to protect the insured from liability resulting from a mistake or accident that causes injury to another person and/or their property. Auto insurance can also cover damage to the vehicle through via comprehensive, collision, theft and other perils. Collision coverage pays for the damages to the insured’s car in the case of an accident or collision, while comprehensive (also know as “other than collision”) covers losses resulting from theft, fire, flood or vandalism damage. Medical payments insurance can also be included in individual automobile policies, which enables the insured to have medical and funeral expenses covered after a car accident. The NJ Alliance’s trusted partner insurance agents understand the vast differences in coverage throughout the varying auto insurance policies, including the types of coverage that will be appropriate and affordable for each family or individual. Allow the NJAA to complete the extensive research for you, relying on our years of expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Condo or Apartment Coverage

Condominium and apartment insurance are primarily for the unit owner or a condominium association. Generally, condo and apartment owners do not buy the correct insurance because it is extremely complex and sophisticated, based on the agreements of each condo project. No matter a client’s situation and the needs governing a condominium association or apartment building, the New Jersey Agents Alliance is able to efficiently determine the best policy at the lowest price.

Fine Arts, Jewelry and Collectibles Coverage

With the coverage and limit gaps that sometimes exist in Homeowner’s insurance policies, it is essential to cover expensive and highly prized items from theft and other perils. In many cases, Fine Arts, jewelry and collectible insurance policies can protect valued items up to their appraisal or market value. Our qualified and experienced NJAA partner agents can help identify if a homeowner’s policy does indeed have a coverage gap and if the additional fine arts, jewelry or collectible coverage may be necessary in order to adequately protect family heirlooms and prized possessions.

Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is one of the most sophisticated, complex and emotional types of insurance out there. Not only is a home one of the largest investments a person can ever make, but it is also where your family lives and plays. The New Jersey Agents Alliance understands the importance of protecting your home as comprehensively as possible, however most homeowners view homeowner’s insurance as a one size fits all policy.

In actuality, there is a great variety and differences in the scope and the level of insurance coverage from one homeowners product to another. The majority of homeowners insurance policies cover theft, fire and liability as well as the physical structure of the home and your personal property within that structure. Some insurance policies for the home can also cover personal property anywhere in the world and may include personal liability coverage, which protects the insured from allegations of property damage or bodily injury due to negligence. Feeling overwhelmed? The New Jersey Agents Alliance can help. Our agents are business owners and homeowners throughout the state of New Jersey and have first hand experience as well as a wealth of knowledge to help them identify a clients’ exact homeowners requirements in a manner that is affordable and comprehensive.

Life and Disability

Protecting the income potential of the key people in your life can make an important difference in the future financial vitality of your family or business. Call us and let us help you connect with a Life Insurance Agent that can shop the market and help you find the right product at the right price.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Personal umbrella or excess liability policies are a type of insurance that extends and expands on the limits provided in your primary auto and homeowner’s insurance policies. Automobile insurance does not afford worldwide coverage, but many personal umbrella policies afford the insured worldwide territory coverage. Whether you are an international traveller or simply in need of greater limit levels on a specific insurance policy, personal umbrella coverage through the NJAA’s partner agencies is a great way to ensure that you are covered for life’s unexpected mishaps.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Policies

Whether you enjoy high paced activity on water or land, the NJAA has connections to carriers that will over all of your favorite toys. From boats and jet skis to motorcycles and ATVs, our insurance agents can identify the type of liability and protection coverage needed in order to ensure that your toy and its users are always taken care of in case of emergency.

Rental Insurance

Rental and apartment insurance policies are a type of homeowner’s insurance for clients who rent. These types of insurance coverages provide personal liability coverage as well as home contents coverage in a specific and identified location. All renters must have this type of insurance in order to protect their personal investments and property within the dwelling that they are living.

The NJAA has the experience necessary to correctly identify current policy shortfalls and take action to ensure that each customer is covered, appropriately and affordably.

Vacation Homeowner's Insurance

Similar to regular homeowner’s insurance, vacation and secondary home coverage is a separate and additional policy for your home away from home.



Business Auto Insurance
Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of a hundred vehicles, the New Jersey Agents Alliance can effectively tackle your business auto insurance needs. It is essential that businesses, employees and vehicles are adequately and properly insured to cover physical damage, bodily injury, property damage, or other losses in an efficient and helpful manner.
Business Interruption Coverage
Business interruption coverage is a further type of property coverage that protects businesses from a potential loss of income due to accidental damage or covered perils that may prevent a business from continuing. Rather than go out of business, business interruption insurance allows companies to replace lost income and stay in business after the interruption is restored. However, there are some businesses that cannot logistically afford any interruption and based on the structure of your policy by a partner agent of the NJAA, your business could also purchase extra-expense coverage in order to move locations but continue operating. The NJAA understands that business interruption coverage is one of the most complex and difficult types of insurance to assess, but due to our years of experience and expertise, are confident that we can assist you in finding the right business interruption coverage to meet your unique circumstances.
Commercial General Liability
Commercial liability coverage is an essential requirement of any business insurance plan. Basically, commercial general liability provides protection for businesses from allegations or lawsuits alleging negligence resulting in bodily injury, property damage, personal injury or advertising liability. However, not all commercial general liability policies are the same. The New Jersey Agents Alliance members have the necessary experience and expertise to tailor policies specifically to the needs of your small or large business. We can help connect you with the right coverage plan through our multiple insurance carriers, ensuring your business is protected.
Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is yet another type of coverage for which the NJAA partner agencies have accumulated a vast amount of experience and knowledge. Covering a business building, inventory, contents and business interruption exposures should all be essential parts of your commercial property insurance and indeed a business insurance package.

No matter how large or small a building- from 1,000 square feet to 100,000 square feet and beyond, the New Jersey Agents Alliance can create a commercial property insurance package that best suits the individual needs of your building and contents. From frame construction in the country to fire resistant warehouses in the city, the NJAA has the expertise to suit your needs.

Cyber Liability and Computer Coverage

The dawn of the information era has created a host of new risk exposures and threats from the use of the internet or e-commerce. It’s important to be aware that standard general liability coverage does not protect against the unique risks associated with data breaches or software corruption, so considering separate, additional coverage has never been more important. New crucial legislation makes online liability an important type of coverage or policy for any business who has data on a computer or partakes in online data activity.

More companies have this exposure than you may think, but the New Jersey Agents Alliance’s partner agencies are able to assist you in assessing your exposures in order to determine what type of online liability coverage is needed. Whether a medical office, attorney, health club or gym, most businesses experience some type of cyber or online liability. The NJAA agents can use their expertise in order to develop reliable management practices and handle a multitude of liability coverages, including the newest forms.

Directors and Officers Liability

Directors and officers liability is a professional liability coverage that protects directors and officers of a company, non-profit organization, or board of directors, from liability arising out of the performance of their duties. Small and large companies need to protect their directors and officers from exposure to such claims, and we encourage you to contact an NJAA partner agency for more information about affordable solutions.

Employment Practices Liability

Claims relating to negligent hiring, firing or discrimination practices are one of the most emerging types of lawsuits against employers in the United States and particularly New Jersey. In order to protect your businesses from allegations, or claims arising from wrongful employment practices, the NJAA encourages any business with employees to limit their exposure by purchasing employment practices liability coverage.

Our insurance carriers are equipped to provide policies that protect your company against allegations and lawsuits ranging from discrimination in hiring, wrongful termination, non-compliance with written employment guidelines, to sexual harassment and beyond. These types of lawsuits are extremely expensive to defend, making it essential that a business is property covered for these exposures.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment breakdown coverage is a type of property insurance that covers the accidental or sudden breakdown of office, manufacturing or distribution machinery and equipment. This includes electronics and digital equipment that may need to be insured for your business. The New Jersey Agents Alliance’s partners are experienced and knowledgeable in the types of machinery and equipment that can be covered by equipment breakdown policies, including but not limited to copy machines, computer hard drives, million-dollar equipment, and other commercial appliances.

Installation Floaters

Installation floater insurance policies are specific types of property coverage for property that is awaiting installation, generally in relation to construction projects. Should property, including home fixtures, mechanical parts, appliances and more become damaged prior to installation, installation floater policies protect a contractor or professional for this type of loss.

Landlord and Building Owner Coverage

Landlord insurance provides property and liability coverage for individuals and businesses that own, rent or lease their premises out to others. Therefore, the right commercial property insurance is essential to protect your investment and income stream. The New Jersey Agents Alliance partner agencies have years of experience in helping Landlords find the right policies.

The size, construction type and location of your building can have a dramatic effect on the ultimate cost of your insurance, so rest assured that we have access to some of the best local and national insurance companies that specialize in this area.

Products Liability Coverage

Products liability coverage is a type of general liability policy that protects a company from allegations or lawsuits alleging bodily injury or property damage arising from a company’s product. This can include anything from pharmaceutical products to manufactured or assembled products and beyond.

The point of difference for the NJAA’s partner agencies is that they are properly equipped and knowledgeable about a wide variety of products ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Trust an NJAA agency partner to find the appropriate products liability coverage for you from a wide variety of companies in the marketplace.

Professional Liability Coverage

Professional liability coverage is a specialized type of policy that protects a company or individual from claims or allegations arising out of the negligent rendering or failing to render specific professional services. It is critical to be aware that standard General Liability policies specifically exclude professional liability claims, so if your business provides consulting, advisory or professional services to your clients or patients, the right professional liability coverage in additional to General Liability is necessary.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are a complex and specific type of financial guarantee that the NJAA is capable of efficiently and effectively assisting you with. Rather than a typical two party agreement, where an insurance company agrees to provide protection for a policyholder, surety bonds are a three party agreement between the entity requiring financial guarantee, the business that is performing the work that needs to be financially guaranteed and the bonding company.

Surety bonds serve to financially guarantee the work of the contractor or business on behalf of the owner, and there are a multitude of surety bonds to consider, including contracts, construction, and public works. With the uncertain financial times, the partner agencies in the NJAA have the necessary experience and expertise to ensure that your business is receiving the appropriate coverage in relation to fulfilling this obligation.

Transit, Shipping and Cargo Coverage

Most businesses have some type of transit, shipping and/or cargo exposures when shipping their products either between locations or during delivery. Whether a company has property being transported by bus, train or other method, this type of property insurance can protect you or your customer’s goods in the course of transit. The NJAA is highly experienced in this type of insurance coverage, and understanding its scope and key limitations is critical.

Workers Compensation

Practically every business, large or small, needs to have some type of workers compensation insurance. Employers purchase workers compensation coverage in order to provide for or meet an obligation to their employees under a state’s insurance statutes. Because every state has differing legislation governing the practical implementation of worker’s compensation coverage, it is essential that insurance agents are well educated and knowledgeable in a broad range of coverage requirements.

The NJAA has access to dozens of insurance carriers, enabling our agents to handle workers compensation insurance for the smallest business to the largest company. Workers Compensation plans differ by state, but are highly affected by particular nuances, making it essential for our agents to be on the forefront of market changes and insurance company appetites. With our expertise, the NJ Alliance agents can help clients analyze their experience modification and other rating factors to ensure that you are paying the correct and most affordable premiums.

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