I think we can all agree that the pace of change in consumer technology is unprecedented. We have never had greater access to more information in modern history. Whether it’s ordering dinner via a food delivery app or paying your bills online, great technology is an expectation, and no longer a convenience. 

But while speed and convenience are now considered minimum requirements, what are we trading off? When a transaction goes as expected, we are happy. However, when there’s a glitch, error, or situation that requires human intervention, what do we do then? 

Customer Service: Humans vs. Automation

Nothing in life always goes 100% as planned all the time, and that’s when we need the help of a real person. That’s right, human intervention. People helping people is an old, but a traditional concept, and one that can probably never be completely automated. 

Apps, websites, and chatbots are splendid solutions for getting many transactions done quickly and efficiently, but when things go wrong, you’re ultimately going to end up having to talk to someone. That’s when quality becomes more important than speed, and when customer satisfaction is truly tested. 

Have you ever called your cable or credit card company in regards to a billing issue? How was that experience? Was your call answered quickly? Did you feel like the person on the other end of the phone empathized with your situation? Did you roll your eyes hearing that the company was experiencing “greater than normal call volume, and your inquiry would be handled by the next available service representative”? This before the wait time for the “next available service representative” was 20, 30 or even 40 minutes. Is that what we consider great service? 

Like everything else, the price of convenience usually means some level of trade-off in personal service. But that’s not necessarily always the case. We believe that quality still matters. The reality is, there are people behind every technology and getting to the right people when you really need them is the ultimate litmus test. 

When something goes wrong or you need to discuss something “out of the box”, that’s when you really don’t care how much tech is involved. You want to talk to someone that understands what you need, empathizes with your situation, and can get your problem solved. Plain and simple. It’s a reasonable expectation that not all companies can actually deliver on. 

Partners During a Period of Innovation

The insurance industry is not exempt to technology shifts, and insurance agents that are committed to the industry must adapt to this new environment. But how do you know which technologies are right for your agency? 

Navigating the myriad of options available to keep up with your clients expectations can be as scary and frustrating as waiting on hold for 40 minutes just to figure out that a clerical error was responsible for burning away half your day! Again, at the end of the day, when it comes to solving your problem, quality advice is the priority and that’s where the partnership between the New Jersey Agents Alliance and Glenmont Consulting rises to the top.  

The New Jersey Agents Alliance is a select group of high-quality independent insurance agents committed to “keeping it personal” for their clients, in addition to “keeping up with technology”. 

Glenmont Consulting is a boutique marketing firm located in West Caldwell, NJ with specialization in the insurance space and an exclusive partnership with the New Jersey Agents Alliance. 

The synergistic relationship between the New Jersey Agents Alliance & Glenmont Consulting helps our agency partners stay relevant in the digital world of marketing and customer service. Whether it’s website design, social media consulting, or leveraging your CRM systems to keep your client base informed, Glenmont Consulting has you covered. 

To learn more about the New Jersey Agents Alliance or Glenmont Consulting, reach out to us with your questions.